Pilot Gaskets And Engineers- Factory Maintainance Specialists

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Quality Products

All our raw materials comes from established manufacturers using premium quality materials.

Complete Service

Let our team guide you into selecting the best gasket for your application.

Certified Products

We offer test certificates and guarantee certificate with all our materials.

Brands We offer :

  • Gasket Sheets: DONIT Tesnit D.o.o., Europe

  • UltraTech International Inc, USA: Hydrophobic Coatings under the brand of Ever Dry, Ever Shield, Gentoo Coatings

  • Spark Innovation Inc, USA: Fiber Fix Repair Wrap

  • Cut Gaskets: DONIT Tesnit- The only 100% AsbestosFREE Certified Gaskets in India. 

  • Spiral Gaskets: PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Non-Asbestos Gland Packing: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Ceramic Insulation: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Furnax Insulation: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Rubber Sheets and Packing: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • PTFE Sheets and Molded Items: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Graphite Sheets and Tapes: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

  • Engineering Plastics: Pilot or PGE® Brand (Our Home Brand)

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

We are thankful to the team at Pilot Gaskets for their valuable knowledge and feedback across the board. It is a pleasure having you as our support team.

Head- Mechanical Maintenance

Essar Steel Ltd

They always are ready to help us with our requirements and attend to our urgency need. The first people we call when we need something done urgently.

Head- Workshop

Tata Steel Ltd

We tried multiple vendors for our rubber gaskets but with their guidance we actually managed to reduce our procurement costing by 15%. Really good team and nice people.

Head- Plant Maintenance

ABG Shipyard Ltd

They have established a just in time delivery system that helps us reduce our own inventory. My inventory has reduced by an amazing 40%. They are one of the few vendors we have that manage this Just-in-Time system expertly and are a pleasure to work with.

Head- Procurement

Ceat Tyres Ltd

Multiple times we have had their representative visit us and have discussion on quality improvements and new technology breakthrough. What we particularly like is them listening to our feedback and open to changing their systems to adjust to ours.

Head- Design & Development

Goa Shipyard Ltd

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