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Doniflon® 2030

 Doniflon 2030
Material 2030
Composition Modified PTFE resin filled with barium sulphate.
Colour White
Properties Suitable for concentrated acids, strong alkalis, solvents,fuels, refrigerants and steam.Not suitable for molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds. Low gas permeability.
Industries Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, pulp & paper industry.
Application Performance is far superior to Virgin PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets and PTFE Filled Seals.
Certificates On request, 100% AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant (to avoid contamination) and Product (certified 100%)
Application Insist on all the above listed certificates and approvals to assess Equivalence.
Density DIN 28090-2 g/cm3 3.0
Compressibility ASTM F36J % 6
Recovery ASTM F36J % 40
Tensile Strength ASTM F152 Mpa 10
Specific Leak Rate DIN 3535-6 mg/(s.m) 0.002
Max OperatinG
Peak Tem °C -200
Continuous Temp °C 260
Pressure Bar 80
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