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Asbestos Gaskets

 Asbestos-gasket-sheets product

The common standard in India is usage of Carcinogenic Asbestos Fiber (or CAF) based Gaskets. Ring Gaskets are also sometimes called as Slip-on Flanges and convenient and easy to replace. They are consumed in Sheets form or in pre cut rings form. However, please note, usage of Asbestos is against the health and Safety of your fellow employees and Company OHSAS Policy. 

Asbestos is extremely dangerous and even in the bonded form still releases the dangerous fibers when Cut, Sawn, Grinded or removal of old & used Gaskets from the flange.

Proper PPE & Instructions as per IS 11791 Part 3 must be followed for safe usage of CAF Gaskets. Extreme care must be taken when removing them from the Pipe Flanges to ensure zero dust.

Additionally, as per IS 12081, pictorial warning has to be displayed on the equipment containing Asbestos Products. A complete ban on Asbestos products is being considered by the Hon PM Narendra Modi Government in Factories and Industries. (linkDangers of using Asbestos at the Workplace: YouTube

We highly recommend moving to a safer 100% AsbestosFREE Certified nonAsbestos Gaskets. They are not only cheaper from a lifecycle perspective, but work atleats 5X times better than CAF.

Did you know Metallic Reinforced CAF has such poor performance it is not even certified as per Indian Standards? See our analysis on CAF Gaskets (Slideshare)