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PTFE Gaskets

 Asbestos-gasket-sheets product

PTFE Teflon Gaskets are mostly suitable for pipes and flanges with highly corrosive and strong acid/alkalies. The inertness of PTFE is utilized to provide adequate sealing. Hard PTFE in Acid and Alkali is a poor substitute.

Due to Creep and Cold Flow, the Surface Stress on the PTFE changes over time and hence while sealing will initially work well, it will deteroriate over time and usually after a few months leakages will start. again The Property of Cold Flow and Creep in PTFE makes it extremely poor in respect to Sealing especially in a dangerous caustic environment. 

We recommend the following options overall to replace Virgin or Hard PTFE

a) Expanded PTFE or ePTFE: This is BiDirectional Expanded PTFE Sheets. DONIFLON is our Brand Name Style No. 900E

b) Modified PTFE: This is PTFE with Fillers like Micro Glass Beads, Barium Sulphate, Silica to enhance the sealing Properties of Plain PTFE. DONIFLON is our brand name. Style No. 2010, 2020, 2030

c) PTFE Envelope with TESNIT Gasket: We use the Chemical Inertness of PTFE by using them as an envelope over a 100% AsbestosFREE nonAsbestos certified Tesnit Gasket. The suitable and applicatons is limited by the Max Temp of PTFE (250 Deg C) and the chemical compatibility of the Insert selected. Though not an ideal fit, it offers an economical solution over the safer ePTFE and modified PTFE Sheets. .