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Grafilit® EM

 Grafilit EM
Material EM
Composition Flexible graphite sheet with a Nickel Chromium Special Mesh.
Colour Black
Properties An excellent media resistance and the safety aspect, even in applications with cycling loads makes this material superior.
Industries Oil and gas industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, power generation industry, pulp and paper industry, shipbuilding, heat exchangers.
Applications Can replace Spiral Wound Gaskets depending upon application. Consult our Engineering Team for a solution. 
Certificates On Request, 100% AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant (to avoid contamination) and Product (certified 100%)
Equivalent NonAsbestos can only be Manufactured in an AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant. Insist on all the above listed certificates and approvals to assess Equivalence.
Density DIN 28090-2 g/cm3 1.4
Compressibility ASTM F36J % 35
Recovery ASTM F36J % 20
Stress Resistance
16 h, 50 MPa, 300 °C DIN 52913 MPa 49
Specific Leak Rate DIN 3535-6 mg/(s.m) 0.05
Percentage Creep
Room Temp DIN 28090-2 % 4.5
Elevated temp DIN 28090-2 % 3.5
Compression Modulus
Room Temp DIN 28090-2 % 32
Elevated Temp DIN 28090-2 % 2.5
Max OperatinG
Peak Tem °C -200
Continuous Temp °C 450
Pressure Bar 200
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