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Micalit® P

 Micalit P
Material P
Composition Aluminosilicate (phlogopite) impregnated with silicon. It is available as pure mica (MICALIT F) or with stainless steel insertion AISI 316 0.1 mm (MICALIT P).
Colour Golden
Properties Very high resistance to temperature (up to 950 °C in oxidizing atmosphere). Good chemical resistance. Good electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity properties.
Industries Automotive industry, petrochemical industry, power generation industry, steel industry, heat exchangers, oven and furnace construction.
Certificates On Request, 100% AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant (to avoid contamination) and Product (certified 100%)
Equivalent Insist on all the above listed certificates and approvals to assess Equivalence. May replace Flexitallic® Thermiculate depending upon the application. Consult our Engineering Team with application details. 
Density DIN 28090-2 g/cm3 2.0
Compressibility ASTM F36J % 20
Recovery ASTM F36J % 35
Stress Resistance
16 h, 50 MPa, 300 °C DIN 52913 MPa 42
Max OperatinG
Peak Temp °C 950
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