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Tesnit® BAR

 Tesnit BAR
Material BAR
Composition Aramid fibers bonded with NBR, wire reinforcement.
Colour Black
Properties Excellent mechanical, dynamic and thermal resistance and blow-out safety.
Industries Automotive industry, petrochemicals, shipbuilding.
Certificates Germanischer Lloyd, BAM (Oxygen), 100% AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant (to avoid contamination) and Product (certified 100%)
Equivalent NonAsbestos can only be Manufactured in an AsbestosFREE Certified Manufacturing Plant. Insist on all the above listed certificates and approvals to assess Equivalence.
Density DIN 28090-2 g/cm3 2.0
Compressibility ASTM F36J % 8
Recovery ASTM F36J % 55
Tensile Strength ASTM F152 Mpa 17
Stress Resistance
16 h, 50 MPa, 175 °C DIN 52913 MPa 30
16 h, 50 MPa, 300 °C DIN 52913 MPa 25
Specific Leak Rate DIN 3535-6 mg/(s.m) 0.08
Thickness Increase ASTM F146
Oil ASTM F146 % 8
Max OperatinG
Peak Temp °C 400
Continuous Temp °C 350
Steam °C
Pressure Bar 140
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