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PGE® Furnax™ Welding Blankets


PGE® India in collaboration with our Japanese Partner has developed PGE® Furnax™ Welding Splatter Blanket made with Graphene Fiber. This unique product is available in nonWoven or Felt Form and offers a lightweight easy to carry Blanket that offers far superior performance than Ceramic and Asbestos. Best of all, it is itch-free.

Furnax™ Fabric is the trademark of PGE® offers astonishing Flame Protection, Heat Insulation, Heat Dissipation, and Thermal Resistivity even against naked flames. Unlike other traditional sources of Insulation, PGE® Furnax™ doesn’t burn or melt or disintegrate with a subject to a flame. Along with its excellent properties of heat dissipation, this offers a secure and new approach to Factory Safety. Available in sizes as per your requirement and in the thickness of 4mm and 6mm, we offer the Blanket in two forms: Woven and nonWoven with an additional option of one side Aluminized,


  1. Unlike Ceramic, PGE® Furnax™ does not itch. Itch-FREE
  2. Soft and Luxurious Feel without any discomfort
  3. Heat Dissipation far superior to most Fabrics. Fine finish
  4. Handles temperatures of up to 1000 in Oxidizing Environment and 3000 in Vacum

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