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PGE® 2160 Aramid with ePTFE Gland Packing

Construction PGE® 2160 is a braided packing made from Aramid Yarns at the edge and PTFE with lubricant in the center.
Temperature -200°C to +260°C
Pressure 485 Bar
pH 2 to 12
Application high-pressure fluid sealing applications, abrasive slurry-like chemical effluent, sludge & sewerage, viscose media, carbamate or ammonia solutions, muddy water,
wood pulp, seawater, milk of lime, etc., high-speed equipment handling various chemicals, acid, alkali, or gases. can be used as an anti-extrusion neck or guide rings.
Advantages very good Abrasion resistance, Excellent pressure resistance, low wear & tear.

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