Grafilit® SL

Material SL
Composition Flexible graphite sheets laminated with flat stainless steel Foil insertion (AISI 316; 0.05mm).
Colour Black
Properties Suitable for a wide range of applications especially for higher operating pressures such as in gas supply, compressors, pumps, and valves.
Industries Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, OEM industry.
Certificates BAM (Oxygen), DIN-DVGW DIN 3535-6, DVGW KTW, DVGW VP 401, 100% Asbestos-FREE Certified Manufacturing Plant (to avoid contamination) and Product (certified 100%)
Equivalent Insist on all the above-listed certificates and approvals to assess Equivalence.


Density DIN 28090-2 g/cm3 1.3
Stress Resistance
16 h, 50 MPa, 300 °C DIN 52913 MPa 49
Specific Leak Rate DIN 3535-6 mg/(s.m) 0.05
Max OperatinG
Peak Temp °C -200
Continuous Temp °C 450
Pressure Bar 100

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